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ARPS Panel

To achieve the Associate distinction of the Royal Photographic Society, you have to submit a panel of 15 images, together with a hanging plan and a 'Statement of Intent'.
The submissions have to be made to one of the categories specified by the Society. In this case I opted for the Applied and Professional Category.

My Statement of Intent:
The photographs presented for consideration result from a commission to provide:
‘A series of photographs depicting the rotting infrastructure resulting from the demise of the beach fishing fleet at Dungeness; the images to show the decaying boats, buildings and ancillary equipment in the context of the landscape in which they are found’.
The images were required to:
  • Accompany a chapter of a written work on the decline of the British Fishing Industry;
  • To provide images, primarily monochrome, for display at points of sale.

The majority of the images were taken in bright, rather unforgiving, light with clear skies which, whilst normally undesirable, in this instance helped draw out the colours and textures and assisted in the conversion of some to sepia toned monochrome prints. Sepia toning was chosen to provide a suggestion of age.

I was fortunate and achieved my 'A' in September 2010.

You can view a larger image by clicking on the relevant photograph.
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